Code example manager (CEM) is a software tool which manage your code examples and provide publish mechanisms to (gists) or (snippets).

All my code examples (my programming knowledge base) are now shared using this tool, you can take a look to my public gists overview on github to illustrate the publishing work achieved by CEM.

Current Code example manager (CEM) implementation is just a command line tool which compare locally available examples with already published ones in order to find what it should do (add, update, do nothing). At that time it doesn’t cache any state, it scans systematically the remote destinations for published examples, this behavior will change in a near future to accelerate the publishing operations.

It is now a mature tool thanks to the last refactoring. It now supports,, and can work with any company private github or gitlab instances.

The latest release brings a classic packaging (archive) which allow you to use CEM on any Operating System as soon as a Java Jvm release >=8 is available. Just read the instructions on CEM project home page.